Gabi Purcaru developer

I've started my software engineering career quickly jumping from small oddball projects to medium-sized ones, and then a larger project where I've created most of the Cinely website, both back and front end, learning about Django, jQuery and MySQL in the process. Then I've moved on to interning at Facebook for my first time, where I've prototyped changing Facebook's massive data bus' underlying filesystem to GlusterFS. After that I've joined 2Performant, where I've helped create the next version of the affiliate network, particularly the front-end, using AngularJS. Afterwards I went back for my second internship at Facebook, where I've improved LiveRail's performance monitoring.

Most of this while studying for my BSc. at the University of Bucharest, maintaining my own open source project, and working on other small side projects.

What's next?

Work Experience

September 2015 - November 2015  »  Software Engineer Intern - Facebook
November 2014 - August 2015  »  Software Developer, 2Performant
July 2014 - September 2014  »  Software Engineer Intern - Facebook
September 2011 - May 2014  »  Frontend / Backend freelance developer - Cinely


2015-2017  »  MSc., University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
2012-2015  »  BSc., University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
2007-2012  »  “Ecaterina Teodoroiu” National College

Open Source Projects

Open-source resilient HTML5 uploader featuring upload speedup, resilience against internet connection interruptions, resumable and large file uploads (40GB+).
School project that involved creating a regular expression engine from scratch in Go.
BitTorrent client implemented in Go.

Technical Skills

JavaScriptReact, ES6+, AngularJS, jQuery, Mule-Uploader, CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)
GoYomato, regex
PythonDjango, Flask, Zencoder, lxml, PIL, boto (S3)
RubySinatra, RMagick
C and C++
Linuxapache, cron, ssh, bash
Relational DatabasesMySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Revision Control ToolsGit, Mercurial, Subversion
Various APIsFacebook, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, SendGrid
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